?What is Marriage


  First of all, Marriage in Eslam is considered Allah’s permission for a man and a woman to unite legally (in Hallal). To illustrate, it is an intimate relationship between a man and a woman to formulate a family based on mercy and affection which achieve harmony and stability for both of them. It is also constitutes the legitimate environment for childbearing and raising children properly in an atmosphere of mutual respect, responsibility and participation.

Additionally, it states rights and obligations between two opposite couples and between their children as well. To mention, it is a cultural universal tradition which is celebrated by through a ceremony called “wedding”. Actually, Marriage ceremonies differ from culture to another.

Marriage Benefits

    Actually, Marriage serves all parties; society, religion, man himself. Regarding society, father-mother relationship resulting from it is regarded the stone core of a well-constructed society.

. Regarding religion, this relationship fulfills religion doctrine and what it aims at to maintain one’s morals, so it avails religion.

Regarding human, it eliminates any unbearable or distressful feeling such as loneliness. It also improves one’s performance in his life including his normal life, his relations with other people, and his work, so it participates in self-optimization as well.

Mainly, it can be regarded as a new beginning between two aiming at a life-long commitment. Actually, it is more than a sexual union; it is a spiritual and emotional union that mirrors mercy and love in its best forms.

The purposes and goals

.Working on satisfying the sexual drive-

For man, the sexual desire is a motivational state in sexual activities to engage in which are aroused through erotic attraction or sexual imagination and fantasies. In this regard, God has facilitated marriage as an option in order to gratify this desire through an illegitimate bond.

.Working on satisfying the emotional drive-

.Satisfying the motive of fatherhood and motherhood-

.Forming a long-lasting friendship with the other partner-

.Preserving chastity and morals in society-

.Achieving tranquility and psychological stability-

Getting rid of loneliness and having a life-long partner-

Being pure, as marriage bond assists one in facing temptations from different directions


The Criteria needed for choosing a life partner

There is no doubt that picking the right person whom you can continue in your life with is an important act and step. Surely, this proper choice would guarantee you a cheerful and stable marital life. Here are some of those basics which could help you with such a process:

Psychological readiness for engaging in a relationship as this aspect should be put into consideration intensely ’cause it is the very initial step of marriage.

Ability to bear marriage responsibilities as taking such a responsibility makes you committed and in charge of another person than your own self.

Appearances acceptance by both parties as it is more than important to be content with your partner’s appearance.

Intellectual and cultural rapprochement is a fundamental aspect which should be principally regarded to measure the span of marriage success.

Social parity between two parties is one of the main issues causing marriage failure further, so it should be determined from the very first beginning.

Spending enough time to get to know each other deeply as it is essential to feel familiar towards your partner and to love to spend a quality time with him/ her, knowing how to deal with him/her and love to as well.

Being honest and not to exaggerate in showing the best version of yourself, disguising your bad features which would cause problems on a wide range later.

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